Please-when you teach me, have patience, so that I will enjoy learning.
Please-when you talk with me, show respect, so I will believe in myself.
Please-when you walk with me, see me as an equal, so that I will see all others that way.
Please-when you correct me, do it with love, so I will not live a life of anger.
Please-when you interact with others, show charity, so that I will learn to give of myself.
Please-when you have done me wrong, apologize, so I will learn to forgive others.
Please-when you make a mistake, don't let it get you down, so I will learn to forgive myself.
Please-when you are with your loved ones, especially your spouse, show unconditional love,
so that my relationships will be eternal.
Please-when another disagrees with you, show understanding, so I will learn that
most things are not wrong, only different.
Please-demonstrate a life of commitment and moderation, so that I may live to an old age.
Please-remember me-get to know me-for I am humanities future-I am a child.
-Daniel B. Mlotkowski
AKA NakeDan
Why do we wage ware with what is natural within ourselves, as much as we wage war with what is natural on the Earth. Daniel Mlotkowski
Children are the answer, and key, to our future. Adults are the obstacle.

If I was cold in the morning,

would you shed a tear?

Would your heart be broken?

Would you feel fear?

If I was cold in the morning,

would you feel regret?

Would you want me back?

Would you pray “not yet”?

If I was cold in the morning,

Would you say you loved me any way?

Would you hold my motionless hand?

Would you lay there with me all day?

If I was cold in the morning,

would you beg for one more day,

Or hour,

Or minute?

If I was cold in the morning,

Would you be satisfied,

That we did not waste,

That we always tried?

If I was cold in the morning,

Would you warm me one more time?

Would you tell me you love me?

Inside would you build my shrine?

What will you do,

Before I am cold in the morning?

- Daniel Mlotkowski

Spirituality is the pursuit of faith without Religion.
Daniel Mlotkowski aka NakeDan

You make this choice every second of your life. There is no "grey area" or "middle ground" here, you choose one or the other. Can you face and admit to yourself what choice you make? Here are the choices;
People and Principle - or - Money and Material

Daniel Mlotkowski, AKA NakeDan

The late Dr Stephen Covey mentored me in practicing anticipation, he even said “anticipation can be almost as satisfying as the actual event”. What I have learned since then is that preparation and anticipation go hand in hand

“I was never meant to be a “part of” I was meant to be apart from”

Money, power, and posessions have no influence or effect on Karma, "Me again"

"To love someone means to see him as God intended him" (not as I intend him)
- Dostoevsky

“The road to happiness is paved with discipline” Daniel Mlotkowski AKA NakeDan


Perhaps, instead of forcing people into their place in society, we could help people find their place in society. 

Daniel Mlotkowski AKA NakeDan


Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.

- Eleanor Roosevelt


- Daniel B Mlotkowski AKA NakeDan


Excuses are as deadly as AIDS


I decided to post this phrase I have "coined" before it gets out of hand.
In describing one of the three key components of a rewarding relationship;

"The mutual pursuit of mutuality"

-Daniel mlotkowski AKA NakeDan

A Statesman serves his constituents, a Politician serves himself.

Our government was created by, constructed by, and designed to be run by Statesman. Our forefathers were the epitome of statesman. The reason our current governing body is dysfunctional, is because our government is filled with politicians. It is like putting diesel fuel in a gasoline engine, it just does not work
Daniel Mlotkowski AKA NakeDan


Now being single, I had decided to see if I could meet a nice lady by writing a series of romantic posts for craigslist (I know). Sadly, all but 1 were flagged, I have no idea why. In any case, I have decided to post them here on my site, so at least they can be read. I hope you enjoy them

(1)Unconditional Love

The glory and joy, happiness and fulfillment, satisfaction and anticipation, laughter and wonder, touching and walking, conversing and cooking, crying and comforting, birth and death, risk and reward, discovering and exploring, trust and respect, support and nurture, take and give, teach and learn, find one’s self and lose one’s self, growth and understanding, stewardship and humility, hurt and sorrow, conscience and self responsibility, hold close to your heart and let go of altogether, smile at the thought and warm to the touch, ecstasy and desire, give without receiving, listening without the intent to reply, getting inside their head, acceptance without conditions or judging, loving yourself, being yourself, loss and gain, sharing, caring, sleep soundly, feel the energy and synergy, context over content, another words love over fear.

- Hopeless Romantic

(2)Christmas by myself

I wake this morning in an empty home, all alone.

I am not sad, Soon will be a ring on the phone.

The love of my family will pour through the air,

To help shelter my heart against the lonely tear

I have wrapped a gift, a gift from me to me.

I have set it under my little tree.

Though I know what is in it, it’s still a happy sight.

And as with the air waves brings warmth and light.

This is the first, and there may be many.

But should a true heart and soul show, I will be ready.

To build together, a love sturdy and steady

In no rush, we’ll take our time.

To build together a mutual Rhyme.

For now I’m good, I’ll be OK.

I am complete and whole in my own way.

I hope your Christmas shines as bright as mine,

And you have a happy day and a great time,

- Hopeless Romantic

(3)I Don’t Go Out to Movies Any More
Because I’m a sentimental old fool who will always believe in love. I will chase it from Here to Eternity. I will Hitch myself to love and never let go. I want to feel it so intensely I will be sleepless in Seattle. Must love dogs, children, and the water. I won’t stop trying so Something’s Gotta Give. I don’t care what she does, even if she is a Maid in Manhattan. And no matter what the rest of the world thinks, she will forever be a Pretty Woman to me. And I know she will be beautiful on the inside because she must be from The City of Angel’s. And no matter where we are I will conduct myself like An Officer and a Gentleman. And our love will be of Titanic proportions. We will travel to wonderful places, even Casablanca. And even when I am a Ghost, I will want you.

- Hopeless Romantic

(4)All The Lonely People, Where Do They All Come From

Lonely is hurting and despair, sorrow and pain, a disease who’s only cure is another human being. As a friend the cure can bring conversation and smiles, outings and meals, support and understanding. A true friend is someone you can count on and trust, who calls you as much as you call, who can keep a secret. We all could use more true friends, I know I could. What would our world be like if we all had and offered a few more true friends.

Ah, but I am here to talk beyond the cure, to a place many want but seemingly few actually achieve. A bond so strong it creates immunity from fear. A connection that runs so deep that pain cannot reach it. A trust that is so uncompromising that you sleep soundly at night. A respect that is so fine tuned that it never falters. An understanding so intricate that it becomes a new language. A support so unrelenting that it dwarfs the foundations of the biggest building. A lust so hot it would burn the center of the earth. A touch so magical that it lingers forever. A connection so mutually agreed to that the thought of another taking it away does not enter the mind. When two people achieve this they are an eternal light to this world.

- Hopeless Romantic

(5)It’s better to burn out than fade away!

Let my love open the door, let my love open the door , . . to your heart.

I’ve been waiting for a girl like you. Had enough bad love, I want something I can be proud of, and a little of that human touch. It’s a matter of trust and never lose that loving feeling. So hold on sweet talking woman, don’t walk away Renee. I put a spell on you. Any thing you want, you got it. It’s been you, woman, right down the line. Animals strike curious poses, they feel the heat, the heat between you and me.

And for the first time there’s no pain in my life, been a long hard road that I’ve hauled. I’ve poured out the pleasure and dealt with the pain. I get knocked down, but I get up again, you’re never going to keep me down. Fight the good fight every moment, every day. Why does he stand and fight, when he only wants to love, and why do they push so hard when he only needs a shove. I would walk ten miles on my hands and knee’s, ain’t no doubt about it baby, it’s you I aim to please, ain’t that tough enough?Do you remember when?

- Hopeless Romantic

(6)I Want to Fall in Love Again, For The Rest of My Life

I know it’s possible. I have experienced the true depth of love in my life. I have been married twice and can honestly say I was in love in the beginning, that I experienced moments of true love so strong they were euphoric. I want to feel such a strong, mutual feeling of trust and respect, that there is no glimmer of doubt. To never feel like “we spend to much time together”. To always seek the win-win because compromise just won’t get it. To see the other not just as a student, but a teacher too. To be able to apologize with out any follow up. To be dedicated to never getting old in mind, and doing the best we can with our body. To feel my blood boil when I look at your undraped figure, as much the last time my eye’s will see it as the first. To understanding that, over time, each other will change mentally and physically.

I will not just accept moments of it this time, I want it all, to feel that love, that bond, every day to the last. A love so true it advances your heart and soul. I know it’s possible.

- Hopeless Romantic

(7)Against The Grain Should Be A Way Of Life, Oh Yeah . . . .

Would you like to know something about me? Perhaps catch just a glimpse inside this complicated but simple mind? Listen to Nickel back’s “If Today Was Your Last Day” very carefully, word for word, every word, and between the lines. If your heart and soul are open and big enough, you might hear a whisper of what deafens me. Do you know real loss? Maybe I should say have you ever FELT real loss? A loss that deepens your love for those close to you? Something that cuts so deep, it forever reminds you of what life is about, and forces you to try to be alive. To be loving enough to forgive. To be part of the solution, not the problem. Listen and feel. . . . . . . .

- Hopeless Romantic